Polypropylene yarn for knitting "Tex 250". Bobbin for 3.5 Kg.

Price: 567.00 руб. /PCs.
1 PCs. - 2 PCs. 567.00 руб. / PCs.
2 PCs. - 3 PCs. 555.66 руб. / PCs.
3 PCs. - 150 PCs. 544.32 руб. / PCs.
Weight: 3.5 Kg

Thread color polypropylene fibrillated dtex 250. Packaging 145 grams, ideal for crochet one, two washcloths for the home and family. Thus assulina winding of polypropylene filaments in the form of coils, very versatile from the point of view of knitting. Yarn in the form of a coil, can simultaneously knit two strands of the same color - "in two lines" with a single coil. This is very handy when knitting. For example, when knitting washcloths "two threads", number of coils, the thread is used rationally, and simultaneously increases the quality of the product. But in General, the same thing will happen in regard to hats, bags, "braid" and so on. This is "the" choice for practical Housewives, caring mothers or design works.

katyushka, 23.09.2018
Здравствуйте. Я уже второй раз заказываю нитки здесь и большими партиями. Этим летом заказала в очередной раз 80 мотков. Мне очень нравится отношение и качество, с которым руководство магазина подходит к клиенту, а качество и цена ниток-на высоте. Всегда обращалась и буду обращаться только в этот магазин.
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