Kitaygorodskiy Maxim Yurievich - General Director.

Contact me. I will answer any of your questions related to the activities of the store - the questions of individual character, payment, delivery or shipment of polypropylene. All leaders strive to understand the needs of our visitors. This helps us to improve the services of our online store. Our store is always ready to meet the most demanding needs of the buyer. Contacts with me:

   +79271303507            maksimchinasity






Kolobaev Vladimir Vadimovich - Deputy Director General.

Contact me. I will answer all questions regarding your order, issues tracking and issues a courier service of our store. Buy in our store are made through a system of registration of customers in the customer base. Therefore, no buyer will be left without proper attention. We are always ready to provide the latest information on current and previous orders. Contacts with me:

  +79271303507                  kolobokk1978







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